Yellow Moth Singles

by Black Window Music

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With a respectful nod to the sessions of old each song is one of two takes, under three minutes long. Recorded in mono; one track, one microphone.


released September 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Black Window Music Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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Track Name: This Moth Wants a Moon
I want you like this moth wants a Moon
Caught it in mid-flight to show you
Hair spray & twine, pine sap & time
Want you like a moth wants a Moon

Twitch & wriggle as I might
I'm a man I got vision, I got sight
I spent my one wish now I chase my wants like lights
Want you like a moth wants a Moon

You are mine in pine & twine & time
And my love you look just like the moon
I could wine I could pine, but I can't say why
I want you like a moth wants a Moon

Want you like a moth wants a Moon tonight
Want you like a moth willing to die
Want you like a moth on a miserable moonless night
Want you like a moth wants a Moon
Track Name: Yellow Leaves
hope I never die, hope I never grow old
hope I live forever like the green grass grows

leaving in the morning, done all I could do
if I get to the gates of heaven I'll surely send for you

if death comes a-knockin I'll tell him what I know:
all good children go to heaven and you reap just what you sow

like dynamite to a train track you wounded my only heart
pack my bags & sell my soul I'll take of when the morning comes

autumn comes upon us like the leaves it blows our way
here I am moaning & cold in the pouring rain
autumn comes upon us like the leaves it blows our way
wish I could get myself out of the pouring rain

the stars are shining bright & that moon is hanging high
just like a bird must sing his song a man has got to die

yellow leaves light my path and that wind sings through the trees
just like them my season's taken everything from me